1st. Lesson 5.Biomes of the world

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Natural Landscapes booklet.

Do it Yourself.
Making a booklet is a great idea as it shows a variaty of information in a fun and creative way. The booklet format, along with the illustrations that we include, allows us to represent information in a different and more unique way.

Stept by step guide

1. Buy some coloured card.
2. Fold the card in  two.

3.Fold again in half
4. Fold again in half
5. Re-open the card to its original size, and then fold the card in half from left to the right.
6. Cut from the center along the fold-line until you reach half way to the edge.

7. Open it again, fold and stand on the table by pushing the card from each side inwards.
8. Then you have your booklet, where you can write or draw on any of the pages including the front/ back cover.

Watch this video about ecosystems