Spanish Political Map Project

Our next task is to look at  the Spanish Political map. For this task students have to work in groups of four or five.
Our learning goal is to identify the different provinces and autonomous communities of Spain  in a fun and educational way.  For this purpose we are going to make  a jigsaw puzzle about  Spain
We can use different materials : felt, EVA mat, cardboard....  
  • Choose the materials:  a piece of cardboard,  felt, or EVA mat
  • Scissors and glue.
  • Choose a Spanish Political Map. Then glue your map onto cardboard, ( felt or EVA mat)  (The sample on  the right is a picture drawn and painted by a child on heavy cardstock.) 
  • When the glue is dry, draw puzzle shapes on the back of the cards. Then , cut the cardboard into the shape of jigsaw  pieces.

TIP: Keep all the pieces in an  individual marked plastic bag.

Deadline for this project, 16th December 201 (1st Year ESO A and B)

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  1. Me ayudó mucho el mapa de España político y... ¿Puedes poner el mapa de España físico?


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